I have used Nikon cameras for many years and in 2006 took the decision to adopt digital imaging. I bought a Nikon D200, supplemented at the beginning of 2009 by a D300, my “excuse” being that on my planned trip to Antarctica I felt the need to have a back-up camera and it seemed sensible to trade up to the D300!

I use a Canon G10 as my “little” camera, the one I take with me most places.

About 5 years ago I ecided t go full frame and bought a D3X, subsequently also buying a D800. My mainstay is now the D810, recently bought to replace the D800 but also continue to use and enjoy the D3X.

Lenses: My mainstay is the 24 – 70mm lens with the Nikon 14 – 24mm as a regular alternative. The Nikon 70 – 200 mmVR provides a medium telephoto option with the Nikon 200 – 400 VRII, a phenomenal piece of kit, as the long lens in my bag!

I also have the Nikon 50mm F1.4G AF-S and also have the Nikon 105mm VR F2.8 Micro. I am also starting to learn to use the tilt shift 24mm lens.

I use one of two tripods, a Gitzo Systematic with Really Right Stuff head and a Gitzo Traveller, bought for its lightness and “packability” for travelling. I also use a Manfrotto monopod.

I have a variety of Lee and Cokin ND grads and ND filters.